My fav scary movie picks



Being a huge fan of scary movies I’ll watch almost anything as long as it’s spooky,

and what better time for ghostly thrillers than Halloween!

But there’s nothing worse than getting all excited to see a film, pay to rent it, get

all set on your sofa with a big bowl of popcorn, and then 2 hours later you’re

completely let down because the film was a bomb.

So I thought I’d make a list of some really good scary movies.

We’ve all heard of the more famous ones like Halloween, Scream, Psycho and The Ring.

But here are a few of my own picks for lesser known but really good Spooky Movies.

Hopefully you’ll find some you like here too.


The Changeling (1980)

The Orphanage (Spanish with subtitles)

A Tale of Two Sisters (Korean with Subtitles)

Don’t look Now

When A Stranger Calls (1979) Trailer was a bit of a spoiler so didn’t add it.

The Eye (Korean with Subtitles)

And my fav good old fashioned comedy/ghost movie, it cracks me up every time.
The Ghost And Mr Chicken


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28 thoughts on “My fav scary movie picks

  1. I tried clicking on the ‘Like’ but it’s not working
    for some reason :( Never mind thought because
    I have enjoyed your take on scary movies and I
    hope that you are planning a popcorn party for
    Halloween with plenty of screams and scares :)

    Have an exciting rest of Sunday Nikki :)

    Andro xxx

  2. My “Like Button” appears to be broken:( sometimes it works for someone, sometimes it doesn’t, I can’t find a wordpress email address for help, checked the forums and no fix there which sucks.
    My orange button thing at top right doesnt work either, it lights up but its not clickable any more.
    I think wordpress should offer us some better customer support!
    So wondering Is this a glitch thats going around or am I the only lucky one?

    • No it didn’t work, although you have two ‘Likes’ on here
      so maybe it is something to do with my Space being set
      to Private or something? :(

      Have a lovely evening Nikki and
      thank you for calling into my Space :)

      Andro xxx

  3. Hi Nikki
    I love cuddling up and having lots of snacks to watch a scary movie. Haha.. that’s the best I reckon!
    I haven’t seen “The Orphanage” but after watching the trailer here I will.
    Another scary movie that comes to mind is The Blair Witch Project. Have you seen this one? OMG Nikki.. I thought this one was made from real footage found and it scared the hell out of me :(
    I’m glad it wasn’t real but..still a very good movie !

    Dear Nikki.. wishing you a beautiful day

    Gary xox

  4. Hi dear Nikki!
    It’s a fantastic blog with many videos, and I like it.
    Now may be the time I get made a Halloween blog. :) ;)
    Thank you for your visit, I enjoy always to see you.
    I wish you a wonderful week end happy Halloween.
    Love and friendhsip Hanne xx

  5. Hi hun! :)

    Thanks for the visit and comment! :)

    Yeah I get depressed sometimes, but it’s a problem I have with the illness and my area which has a few problem families.

    All we can do is get through day to day and hope we don’t become a target!

    Last week they used heavy tools to tear the main gate off its hinges.

    They were spotted by my neighbour who read them the riot act and scared them off, while I contacted repairs and had them come fix it!

    Here in the UK, if you lay a hand on these kids they can charge you with child abuse, while they can murder you and get two years in jail if they serve any time at all!!!

    It’s a very unequal world here in the UK…

    Love and hugs!


  6. Hi hun! :)

    I’ve had so much bad in my life it is hard to stay positive, but I keep on going! :)

    Yeah the government and big business have us over a barrel and only improve things if it makes them a boatload of money! :(

    I remember all the bull that was said about CD’s being virtually indestructible and a vast improvement on records, only for the darned things to become more expensive and ruined if they get even a little scratch!

    Now the prices are going down because of MP3 and suddenly they are trying to combat piracy to protect their cash cow – it never bothered them to charge over the top when they had the edge…

    Love and hugs!


  7. Scary movies are my favorite of all movies…I love them all, but my most favorites are physiological thrillers, but I still won’t miss a chance to watch any scary movie I can get my hands on.
    I haven’t seen any of these on your list to my knowledge, so I’ll be checking out all of them…thanks Nikki Hugs xx

  8. I, like Deb, really enjoy the psycho thrillers. You know, Silence of the Lambs kind of thing, and a lot of Alfred Hitchcock stuff in the original black and white.

  9. Hi dear Nikki,
    thanks for understanding my dear,
    nice blog, but I can’t click the like button,
    so sorry….
    now is the sunny and warm weather over,
    the next weekend is soon the winter
    before the door…. grrrr….
    we had here the last days 25 degrees….
    today and all the next days always fog and rain…

  10. Hi Nikki… The Changeling and Don’t Look Now look quite spooky (Don’t Look Now more so!), but I think I would have to try and watch The Ghost and Mr Chicken. I love this kind of comedy/horror (like the Addams Family and The Munsters!)
    I can’t watch movies with subtitles as I end up missing most of what’s going on, so I’m probably missing some good movies from your recommendations, but thanks for pointing me in the direction for some I will try to see!
    Oh, and thanks for linking to Elloween!

  11. Nikki, you are braver than I…. Androgoths scary moments are enough for me LOL…. Love your Graphic and I will stick to the soppy love stories haha.. Mind you having said that I did like Twilight :-)
    Wishing you a Great Week.. Love Sue xxx :-) xx .

  12. Hi Nikki! :)

    Yes, criticism has its place, but every time I get an email from Red I break out in a cold sweat in case it’s something serious! :(

    So far though there have been no show stoppers, thank goodness!!! :)

    We’ve got cloud back here and we’ve been warned to expect snow by the weekend as the Arctic winds head our way! :(

    Yeah I’ve been watching the rain cover both Europe and the South of the UK – I’m just glad we’re in the clear zone! :)

    Hope you have a great week! :)

    Love and hugs!


  13. Second comment! :)

    I agree about the snow – we’ve been having really weird weather here in the UK including flooding in places where they’ve not had a flood in a century! :(

    This vandalism attack is part of an ongoing problem. My neighbour David had his bedroom window smashed recently and he had another window broken a few months back.

    It’s one lad who has been directing the others in their acts of vandalism knowing that the Police won’t do anything and we dare not for fear of being accused of child abuse!

    The law is a joke here in the UK…

    Unfortunately we have a large number of troubled teens who drink illegally and use a wide variety of narcotics, so they are damaging themselves, but think it’s cool to break the law.

    How many are going to suffer as a result we don’t know, but nobody wants to employ them and they can’t get housing benefit so they are either forced to live with their parents, or they get left sofa surfing or homeless.

    Things are a lot better than they used to be: At one point about twenty years ago John McGuire and his friends brought an inflatable sex doll into the block and put tape over the spy holes on our doors before ‘entertaining’ themselves with it.

    When we came out to investigate they ran out leaving the doll behind so we handed it over to the Police, but the teenagers came back demanding that we return their ‘property’ and were miffed when we told them we’d handed it over to the Police!

    These days the teenagers are just a minor problem, but once they are drunk or stoned they get very aggressive and will hurl abuse and death threats at you in the streets, or physically assault you.

    Every generation improves, but we still have a long way to go before we have peace…

    Love and hugs!


  14. Hi Nikki,

    How are you? It’s been ages since I’ve visited, must less blog. With working, packing and moving house from Burnaby to Vancouver, it has left time any time to visit until now. Finally moved but still unpacking though…..amazed at how much one can accumulate over the years and trying to downsize is another task.

    Great scary movies you put on here. Seen all these movies, except The Ghost and Mr. Chicken though.

    Beautiful graphics you have as always and love the new changes you done. Hope you are well, take care and have a great day.

    Love, Peace, Happiness

  15. Hi dear Nikki,
    and if your “Like Botton” don’t work,
    no matter…your blog is suuuuper,
    enjoy the second part of the week,
    be happy and have joy….
    always in my heart…..
    hugs and kisses

  16. Oh my goooooooooooooooooosh what a rollercoaster of emotions :)
    Thrilling, scary happy and funny all rolled into one Nikki lol..

    First of all thankyou so very much sweet love for your beautiful gfit and words :)
    I love your graphic and have it saved especially to print out!!!!!
    I am so appreciated for all the time you spent on it, as I know only too well graphic
    designing takes alot of time and patience :)
    It is so wonderful what you wrote hun..because really I did not have much of a feeling
    to celebrate and regretted inviting everyone round, I am aweful.. but you know that other
    thing was on my mind and I felt it was not a good timing….So the day started out
    like this but wauw it was actually one of the best celebrations I ever had because I do
    know it went so smoothly and I felt really good. Everyone enjoyed really
    was a blast! Also reading what you had written pretty much summed up my thoughts on
    these kind of days as well… you are amazing indeed and always know the rightful and
    encouraging thing to say :) so thankyou for that hun.
    I think your boyfriend his birthday was last month…? I am sorry I cannot remember
    and I am unsure to mention him here. But I wish you and him wonderful congratulations hun!
    Your graphic on this post is awesome..frigging scary too, love the whole design to it and the adding
    of your favourite scary movies gives it that extra long haunting feeling.
    I have not seen any of these movies btw. The changeling wow… scarey lol.. I imagine the people doing this movie had a great laugh too when filming it. Having to slam doors and make it look scary and yet for them it was probally hilarious, you know how it goes behind the scenes..sometimes when they show those reviews.?
    Hun thankyou so much again..and I wish you an awesome week!
    Much love to you Nikki
    hugs Traceyxxxxxx

  17. Hi Nikki
    Another movie that’s on my “baddy list” is Wolf Creek
    This movie is based on a true story and it’s just too graphic for me.
    I can’t watch movies like this where I know that people have suffered so.

    Haha you’ve got me thinking about movies this week :)

    Have a great Halloween Nikki
    and an even better weekend x

  18. Hello my good friend, always good to see and read the comments you leave me.
    You’re wonderful Nikki I wish you an excellent Sunday with much love and joy to you dear friend.
    I’ll leave you with a kiss affection and friendship when you read my regards.
    Hello sweet and beautiful Nikki!


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